Sustainability and ESG Reporting

Republic Services regularly publishes materials related to environmental, social and governance issues in our business, providing our stakeholders with a clear view of our continued progress toward our sustainability goals. We invite you to read our recent reports and other documentation.

2022 Report Highlights

  • Continued progress toward 2030 Sustainability Goals, with Safety and Talent results above national benchmarks
  • Climate Transition Road Map charts a course to achieving greenhouse gas reduction goal
  • Recorded a 28% better OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate than the industry average
  • Advanced to 45% diversity In leadership, making progress toward the goal of 50% diversity in these roles
  • Announced ambition for 50% of new truck purchases to be EVs by 2028
  • Managed 8 million tons of recyclables
  • Positively impacted 3.5 million people through grants, volunteerism and in-kind donations"
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