Turning Landfill Gas
into Energy

At Republic Services, we are in a unique position to leverage our operations to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and drive circularity. One part of that picture is converting gas to energy, something that is happening at 65 of our landfills.

Harnessing the energy in waste

When waste comes to a landfill, we want to put it to good use. The decomposition of waste in a landfill produces biogas, which is made up primarily of methane. Biogas can be harnessed to displace the use of fossil fuels. To help innovate clean energy solutions, we host 65 landfill gas-to-energy (LFGTE) projects that power homes and vehicles, like our vocational fleet. From regenerative landfills, we collect more than 70 billion standard cubic feet of gas each year, which is used to produce three types of energy:

  • Renewable natural gas

  • Electricity

  • Thermal gas

Regenerative Landfills

The process starts at one of our regenerative landfills. Landfill gas or biogas, made up of methane and carbon dioxide, is generated from the decomposition of waste. We collect that biogas through a series of wells.

Two employees working in a Landfill Gas collection facility
blades of grass

Renewable Natural Gas

Landfill gas is processed and converted into renewable natural gas (RNG). That gas is fed into the natural gas pipeline and used in buildings or to power fleets, like ours.

We use RNG to power more than 20% of our fleets

RNG produces up to 70% fewer emissions than diesel



Landfill gas is routed to engines that convert it to electricity.
That electricity is distributed to a local public utility grid.

workes in high-vis clothing at a landfill gte facility

The Las Vegas Apex Landfill, which spans 1,900 acres, is one location where biogas generates electricity, which is sent to the public utility grid. The electricity produced there powers 11,000 homes.

aerial view of a landfill

Thermal Gas

Landfill gas powers boilers that make thermal energy, which is produced for commercial or industrial use.

Landfill gas-to-energy innovation turns today's waste into tomorrow's source of power, helping us reduce emissions and create a vital resource. By harnessing energy from our landfills, we're creating value for our business while helping our customers meet their sustainability goals.